Bislig City Water District (BCWD) had its simple evolution from the National Waterworks and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) in 1962 to1969, then, from the Municipal Government of Bislig in 1969 to September 10, 1974.The first water system at Barangay Cumawas was turned over to BCWD by the now defunct NAWASA in 1962. Similarly, PICOP Resources, Inc. (PRI) turned over the Forest Drive Village water systems at Barangay San Roque (1973).

BCWD, which was then Bislig Water District (BWD), initially existed through Resolution no. 44-A of Bislig Municipal Council, and changed to its present name through resolution no. 4 series of 2004 of the district's Board of Directors. The Administrator of the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA), Mr. Lorenzo H. Jamora, approved the renaming on August 27, 2004. LWUA awarded the Conditional Certificate of Conformance to the district on May 19, 1976, which concluded the official birth of BCWD.


A stable water district providing quality service and sustainable water supply


BCWD commits to develop and improve potable water supply and its facilities, rehabilitate and protect watersheds and ensure concessionaires’ satisfaction and financial viability through moral and ethical values


BISLIG CITY WATER DISTRICT (BCWD), a trustworthy local water district of competent and devoted Employees, is committed in efficiently and contunually advocating, executing and improving the Quality Management System (QMS) through providing sustainable, clean and safe water to the concessionaires complaint to all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements as well as responsive to the needs and expectations of the different interested parties.

BCWD's Quality objectives including the risk and opportunity management are set to achieve quality product and services conforming to the quality management system. Therefore, quality work delivery and output are responsibility of everyone in the company and is mandatory and binding upon all Employees.

Further, this Quality Policy Statement shall be circulated, read, understood and implemented by all Employees.nd the Top Management is committed to review regularly the policy and the QMS for the customers' satisfaction and continual improvement.

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